GM-A703A SMT Mountable GPS module


¥ 5,830 税込




 SMT Mountable with built-in antenna
 Multi-constellation: GPS/QZSS/GLONASS1
AGPS support
 Local self-generated ephemeris prediction support
 Up to 5Hz update rate
 High accuracy 1PPS timing
 V_BAT pin support for faster position fix
 PWR_CTRL pin to switch GPS module on and off dynamically for easy power saving control.
 Fully EMI shielded

Receiver Performance Data+
-Receiver Type 52 channels, GPS/QZSS: L1 1575.42MHz GLONASS L1OF 1598.0625 ~ 1605.375 MHz
-Horizontal Position Accuracy < 2.5m (Autonomous) (50% 24hr static, -130dBm)
-Velocity Accuracy <0.01 m/s (speed, autonomous) <0.01∘(heading) (50%@30m/s)
-Time To First Fix Hot start/Warm start/Cold start <1sec/<30sec/ <35sec (50% -130dBm)
Acquisition: -146dBm (GPS)
Tracking: -165dBm (GPS),
Navigation: -163dBm (GPS),
-Update Rate Up to 5Hz, default 1Hz
-Max. Altitude <18,000 m (normal version) 99.99 km (high air version)
-Max. Velocity <1,852 km/hr
-Datum WGS-84(default)
-Protocol Support NMEA V4.00: 4800/9600/38400bps
-OSP: 115200bps N,8,1;GGA, GSA, GSV, RMC, VTG
-Dynamics <4g
Electrical Data
-Power Supply 3.3 ~ 5.5 VDC
-Power Consumption 33mA average tracking
-Backup Power-(V_BAT)3.2 ~ 3.6 VDC57uA
-Digital I/O VIH:  0.7 x V_BAT, VIL: 0 ~ 0.4V VOH:  0.75 x V_BAT, VOL ≦ 0.4V
-Protocols NMEA, OSP
Environmental Data
-Operating temperature -40 ~ 85℃
-Storage temperature -40 ~ 85℃
-Vibration 5Hz to 500Hz, 5g
-Shock Half sine 30g/11ms
16-pin Interface
-Pin Name Function I/O
1 VCC 3.3~5.5VDC Power supply Input
2 NC No connection -
3 V_BAT 3.3VDC backup battery supply Input
4 RXA Port 0 serial data input (GPS in) Input
5 TXA Port 0 serial data output (GPS out) Output
6 NC No connection -
7 NC No connection -
8 1PPS 1 Pulse Per Second signal Output
9 nRESET Active low, at least 250ms Input
10 LED LED display for position fix Output
11 NC No connection -
12 GND Ground Input
13 PWR_CTRL “L”: turn off VCC;
“H” or floating: normal
14 GND Ground Input
15 NC No connection -
16 NC No connection